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Terms of Services

Please read our terms of services carefully before using, obtaining any material, or paying for any service on our website. These terms and conditions will allow you to understand our policies in a better way. We ensure that all our users are provided sufficient information beforehand to guarantee transparency

The DESIGNIBEX website is a copyrighted work, the terms of use of this website are legally binding, and you must agree with all terms to use the services on this website. The terms are:

  1. You agree to accept the services and the terms of the agreement.
  2. You have the capacity, right, and authority to enter into the agreement.
  3. You are at least 18 years old to view and access the site and its services.
  4. If you are present in the United States, the agreement requires that the arbitration should be used to solve disputes instead of class actions or trails.
  5. If you are acting on behalf of a company, it is essential for you to have the authority to bind the company into this agreement with us.

If the customer does not accept any of these instructions, we cannot agree with the customer as these help us ensure the quality of our work along with complete customer satisfaction.

1. Definitions

The word customer and client apply to anyone who wishes to hire us for work.

User refers to customers and people who view the website.

Designers and Developers are members of our team that complete the tasks.

Sale refers to an applicable sale that takes place when the product is delivered to the client.

The site refers to the website that belongs to DESIGNIBEX.

2. Services

Our website designs different content for the customer; we connect the client with our team. Our company offers six different services to our clients. These include,

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Web design and development
  • Video animation
  • Ecommerce web development
  • Application design

Our services cannot be purchased by anyone younger than the age of 18. In order to use our services, the user is required to make an account and contact the team. After this process is complete, the customer can make the required payment, after which our team will begin working on your design.

3. Our Promises

3.1 Provide Services that Benefit You

Our team is dedicated to helping our customers find the best solutions to needs. We help our customers by providing six different services and guarantee the best work. Our branding and application development services can help your business grow, and we are committed to providing you resources that benefit you and your brand.

3.2 Develop Easy to Use Technology

We ensure that our developers make webpages and applications that are easily accessible. We must create technology that is user friendly and is accessible to people regardless of their abilities. This also helps your business grow; customers prefer websites and applications that have friendly user interface, not complicated ones. We ensure that your business will have the best website and applications to attract a large customer base.

3.3 Provide a Unique and Personalized Experience

We must fully satisfy our customers; this is why we want them to have the best experience with us. All our services are personalized according to the needs of our customers. We make customized logos, video animations, and websites that suits your business and are able to represent it in the best way.

3.4 Finding Ways to Enhance Our Service

We are always on the lookout to enhance our service and make it better for our clients. We believe that our customers should always be satisfied with the services we provide. Our team searches for ways to make our service better for our clients.

3.5 Entertaining Global Clients

One of our main promises to our customers is to ensure that we do not discriminate against anyone. With our service, we attract clients from around the world and serve all their needs.

4. User Account

The user must register and make an account on our website in order to order from us.

  1. The account should mention all the correct details.
  2. The customer must enter genuine information; if any fake information is provided, the account will be suspended by our team.
  3. If an account does not meet our eligibility criteria, the company has the right to cancel the orders and suspend the account.
  4. if a user feels that his account is being used by someone else or an unauthorized order has been placed from their account, the user must inform DESIGNIBEX immediately.
  5. The user must allow DESIGNIBEX to store their information on the website.
  6. You can delete your account at any time by calling customer support.
  7. The user must agree to follow the terms and conditions of our website.
  8. The account should not be used for scams or any unethical reasons.
  9. The user should be informed that creating an account and using our service is voluntary, and the user can stop at any point.

5. Payments and Refunds

5.1 Payment

Customers are to pay the amount beforehand; they can apply for refunds or revisions if they are not satisfied with the work. Refund terms and conditions apply to this statement. Our customers will be informed of the amount they need to pay; this amount will contain all fees and dues. No hidden charges will be taken at a later date as we believe in complete transparency with our customers. However, if a customer uses additional services for the same order, fees will be charged accordingly.

5.2 Payment Method

We accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, PayPal, and American Express. We also accept any credit/debit card and online transfers.

5.3 Using Price Packages

Suppose the customer purchases a certain package and wants to obtain a service not mentioned in the package. The customer must agree to pay for the service before the designers and developers start working on it. This allows us to ensure that our payment is secure.

5.4 Taxes

DESIGNIBEX is not responsible for any taxes. If payment is subjected to any tax, the customer must pay those taxes. The company will not be responsible for any taxes that may be charged due to the purchasing of our services. We are not responsible for reporting or dispatching any taxes to our customers. Taxes include any payments that emerge as a result of your transaction. These can range from sales tax to VAT, duties, and GST.

5.5 Refunds

We will refund the amount of the customer if they fulfill the refund conditions. The refunds will be made in the same method that the customer used for payment. For example: If payment was made through a bank transfer, refunds would be made through the same means. The refunds will be made if the customer meets the refund policies. Additionally, refunds can also be made if,

  • The order has been placed more than once.
  • The product delivered is faulty or defective.
  • The order is found to be fraudulent or does not comply with our terms of service.
  • In a situation where an unconventional case for refunds emerges that is not covered in our refund policy, our team will decide what to do about the refund on a case by case basis.

6. Ownership

Once your order has been handed over to the customer, DESIGNIBEX does not own it. The customer automatically has all the ownership rights of the application/design/logo. This allows our customers to use the product. However they want. The 100% ownership lies with the customer; therefore, holding the DESIGNIBEX responsible for any losses later is unacceptable as we do not claim to own any part of the design or application. Our customers have the full right to edit, copy, change, or remove parts of their logo, video, application, or program. The customer is free to distribute the art/graphic content to the public if they want. The customer can sell the work later, as well. However, no liability for future buyers falls upon our company or us. Our contract with the customer ends as soon as the order is closed.

7. Originality

Our work is original, and any orders that you may receive from us are bound to be original and free from any copying and plagiarism. We must ensure that our customers receive work that is free from any such issues and is completely original. We promise to deliver good quality work that is free from copyright or trademarks. All the orders dispatched to our customers are free from any such infringements and do not belong to any other party.

8. Non-Circumvention

Our customers should agree to pay all payments and dues before the final order is received. They must not, under any circumstances, try to circumvent our payments.

  1. The customers must not upload personal details like emails and phone numbers on the user area to avoid any personal contact with the designers or developers.
  2. The customer should not cancel orders and try to contact our designers and developers independently.
  3. Customers should not try to hire or contact our designers and developers or any other company employee outside the user area.
  4. Our customers should not approach employees separately and propose lower rates or additional work. This goes against our policies.
  5. If any company employee contacts the customer offering cheaper rates or off the record sales, the customer must immediately report this to us. This helps us identify frauds and prevent scams.

9. Customer Responsibilities

Our customers should have to follow the following to ensure a successful transaction

  1. The details provided on the user account should be authentic and real.
  2. The company should be put on a safe senders list. This will help make communication easier, and the client will not miss out on any urgent emails.
  3. The client should provide proper instructions to our developers and designers. These instructions will later form the basis of your work. Therefore they should be clear.
  4. Timely payments should be made on behalf of the customer; this will help us provide the work on time.
  5. In case a client wants a revision, all information must be given to the designers and developers. This will make the revision process smoothers and much better for both parties.
  6. If there are delays in replies from the client, the order might get delayed as well. The company is not to be held responsible for such issues.
  7. The company holds the right to cancel any order or suspend any account if it seems fake or shows signs of spam. The user should always provide valid details and avoid using third-party apps on the page to avoid this issue.
  8. If the user's account is suspended or an order is canceled, the company holds the right to provide no explanations to the customer.

10. User Restrictions

Our site provides a wide range of services that can be used in the wrong way and can cause harm or damage to others. This is why we inform our customers and users not to use our services for any unethical act. If we are aware of any such activities, we will ban the user from the site and immediately suspend the account as we are committed to providing a safe space for all our users. To avoid any issues, all our users should agree to not use our services for

  1. Developing an application or website that spreads computer viruses and worms or damages a computer and breaches privacy.
  2. Impersonating a brand or a person by using our branding or logo design services.
  3. Harassing, blackmailing, and carrying out fraudulent and unethical activities may harm a person or a community.
  4. Developing web applications that use and distribute the users' data. We will not agree to develop any website or application that gathers information without the users' consent.
  5. Violating third party sites, copyrights, patents, or any other type of private information.
  6. Violating any laws or going against them.
  7. Attempting to gain access to computers, sites, and servers by asking us to develop such applications.
  8. Sending spam, junk email, and inappropriate messages to users or our developers and designers.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list. Anything that goes against a person's privacy or harms a group or an individual, whether legal or illegal, should be avoided on our website.

11. Limitation of Liability

The company and its employees, workers, and staff will not be responsible for any damages that may occur directly, indirectly, or incidentally as a result of using our application, design, or webpage. We simply make what our customers demand from us. The usage and ways of how our orders are used once they are given to the customer is something that we claim no liability for. We will not be responsible for any issues once the order is dispatched if the customer is involved in work that goes against standard guidelines or is unethical. We will not provide any compensation to our clients for damages or costs that may result as a consequence of using the product, design, or application they demanded from the company.

12. Advertisements and Third-Party Sites

The website may contain ads and links to third party sites. These are not monitored by DESIGNIBEX, and therefore we provide no guarantee for them. DESIGNIBEX is not responsible for any of these sites and ads, Nor does it represent them in any way. We shall not be held accountable for any data breaches, spam, or scams on these sites. Our customers should use these sites and ads at their discretion and carry out their research beforehand.

13. General Changes in Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions can change at any point. If we make any changes to the terms mentioned above, we will update the page and send our users a copy of the new terms and conditions via email. So, it is the duty of all our customers to provide us with real and updated addresses. New changes will not have an impact on orders placed beforehand. New users, who register after the new terms and conditions are made effective, will have to follow them.

14. Trademark Information

All logos, designs, and service marks on our website belong to DESIGNIBEX or third-party websites. Users are not allowed to use them without permission. Written permission must be taken from either DESIGNIBEX or third-party sites in order to obtain the use of copyrighted content.

For any information and queries about our terms and conditions, the user can send an email or get in touch with customer support by calling us.

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