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Privacy Policy

DESIGNIBEX is a company that provides digital services like branding, logo design, video animation, and website and application development. DESIGNIBEX has many users that are registered on the website. The data of the users is used and stored online in various ways. Our privacy policy can help you determine how we view your data and how it may be accessed or used by our company.

In this policy, we aim to explain how collecting, usage, and storing your information work on our website. To facilitate the user, we have written this policy in the simplest words and tried to make it as easy to read as possible. Each section has a different heading so you can easily navigate through the document.


We aim to ensure that our users understand how we collect data and information. We believe in complete transparency due to which we update our policies often. Any updates regarding the changes in policies are sent out to our users through emails or pop up notices. Therefore, we request all our clients to provide us with the correct information. Our clients should provide us with updated information to remain updated with our new policies and relevant information. We update the new version of our privacy policy document on this page as well, so it is best to check it regularly.

Third-Party Websites and Advertisements

Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party sites, and we are not responsible for them. If you use any third-party websites, it is suggested that you research their privacy policies beforehand. DESIGNIBEX will not take responsibility for any action or third-party site as we do not monitor the advertisements displayed on our webpage.

Information Collection

Your information is required to register on our website. It allows you to create an account that can be used to place orders for our services. Our website stores the information you used to register your account as it helps us manage our relationship with you.

In some cases, we indirectly collect information; this may be through third-party applications or social media platforms. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and more. We do not collect information for those who are under the age of 18 and do not offer services to children under 18 as well. Offering services to children undergo against our terms of use. We also collect information when you work with us, purchase something from us, or use our services. Additionally, if you contact us, then your information is saved in our system as well.

Personal information is collected when you register with us or use our services. This may include your name, contact details, your IP address, billing information such as credit card details. We also collect domain names and organization details.

For our customers, we stored data used to create an account and was made public by the user. Our website is against fraud and spams; this is why we monitor account behavior to help you keep safe from such issues.

If there is a form or survey on the website used to collect information on our website, that information is stored. This mostly includes names, emails, and contact details along with the data entered in the poll.

Data is also stored when you apply for a job at DESIGNIBEX; we save information that you submit in the application along with your CV.

Our site also tries to collect information about marketing preferences due to which we may have a record of permissions and website data.

If you make a testimonial for our webpage or give us a review, the information you enter is stored in our system. We usually collect names, feedback, and emails for this purpose.

Information for referrals is also taken into account; if you refer a friend to our website, we store the referral number, name, and email address. This allows us to manage the referral system and award you based on the number of referrals you bring. If you want to remove any data from our storage, you can get in touch with us.

How is Your Information Used?

We mainly use your data to check statistics and trends. This helps us improve the way we work and allows us to give our users a better experience. Your data can help us figure out errors in our service and fill those loopholes. Other than this, your information and data are used in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

  1. Your data helps us understand you in a better way.
  2. It allows us to manage our relationship with you effectively.
  3. Using your data allows us to provide you with our services and to promote and improve our services.
  4. It allows us to verify whether your account is secure and informs us if a user seems fraudulent.
  5. Your data allows you to access and use different features on our website.
  6. Storing data can help us connect you to third-party sites.
  7. Using your data allows us to personalize our communication with you.
  8. It helps us provide you with information about services, updates, offers, discounts, and more.
  9. It helps us manage our marketing in a better way; we can send emails that interest you.
  10. Storing information also helps us in providing a better customer care service. We can help you with tasks like resetting passwords and fixing errors easily.
  11. It helps us give you notifications and allows you to track the status of your order.
  12. Data usage can ensure better communication on our end, and we can respond to you effectively.
  13. It helps us keep your account safe as we conduct security checks for this process.
  14. Your data also helps us improve as we use your feedback to enhance our service.
  15. Using your data allows us to provide content and features that align with your interest.
  16. Your data helps us comply with laws; in case we are required to share it with law enforcement agencies.

We at DESIGNIBEX respect the privacy of all our users. Therefore the list above contains all the instances due to which we use your data. We believe that being open allows our customers to trust us completely.

Sharing Your Information

We share your information with third-party sites that provide services to us and with government or law enforcement if they ask us for your information.

We only share information with others under the following circumstances:

  1. If information is shared with third-party sites, it is only to help you get our services or for technical support in managing our business. If you want a list of sites that may have your information, please feel free to contact us.
  2. We may also share your information if a site uses our services on its platform.
  3. Information is shared with groups that help us manage and deliver our services. However, these companies agree to only use the information for enhancing our service and not for other purposes.
  4. We may also share your information if you ask us to contact the third party on your behalf, such as a company to sell your products, etc. We contact them with your information to get price quotes and arrangements concerning whatever instructions you have provided us.
  5. We share information with our designers and developers to help them complete your order in a better way.
  6. If asked by law enforcement agencies or a court, we present your information to them.
  7. We may share your data with our auditing and credit reference companies to prevent fraud or scams.
  8. If we sell our business in the future to another, we might have to disclose all information to them.
  9. We may also use your data to generate statistics and make advertisements.
  10. Your data can help us understand our website and traffic patterns; therefore, we might share it with relevant agencies.

Your Data and Marketing

Your data is used to help us understand what kind of emails to send you. We try to ensure that we only send emails relevant to you and maybe of your interest.

If you want to manage your marketing preferences, you can ask us to unsubscribe from our emails. You can also opt-out of services by adjusting your preferences.

You can also change the way your browsers manage cookies. Cookies are used to deliver online advertisements to you. If you want to know more about cookies, have a look at the section below.


Cookies are small text files stored or downloaded to a phone, laptop, or any other electronic device through the internet. Cookies are automatically downloaded when you visit websites and can contain information about the user. Cookies allow the website to use your information for managing traffic on a website. They also help identify what pages are viewed more often and what part of the website attracts more people. This helps websites to see analytics and statistics. Cookies also provide you with a better experience when you visit the site again. In most cases, cookies store information like the language you speak and the country or city you belong to.

If you want to control how cookies are being used, you can change the settings on your browser. Many browsers allow users to disable cookies and others contain a notification that pops up every time websites use cookies. Other than this, you can easily delete cookies from the settings as well. You can also restrict all cookies by using the settings feature on your device and browser. This might cause some websites not to work properly. In some cases, restricting cookies can also cause some features of a website to not work on your device.

Our website works with Google Analytics, which works to monitor traffic by using cookies. Information about our services and how Google Analytics views them is stored online. Google uses the stored information to help us compile our data. Google helps us to monitor how our website and services are used. It also helps us make proper reports on the data by evaluating our services. We do not give personal information to Google; this way, you cannot be identified. However, if you want to control the cookie settings for Google Analytics, you can check your browser settings. However, this may impact some services and content on our webpage.

Data Protection

• Safety Measures

We store your data online and ensure that we take all the proper means to keep your data secure. To reduce the risk of any destruction or loss, your data remains safe, and we guarantee that any other site or person cannot use it. Some of our measures include:

  • Setting up a confidentiality requirement for people who have access to any personal information.
  • Removing and destroying information that is no longer of use to us. We also anonymize information that we feel is not required for our services.
  • Having strict measures and security to restrict access to the data, this allows us to prevent storage and disclosure of your information.
  • Encrypting all information using software like SSL and secure communication transmission. These softwares encrypt all the information a user mentions on our website before we view it. These softwares prevent the use of unauthorized usage of the data.
• Storing Personal Information

We store your personal information only until we require it. As soon as we no longer require your information, we remove it and erase it from our systems. This is done in a way to keep your details secure and private. If we need to store your data for longer periods, it is mainly due to requirements related to accounting, law, and taxation.

If we believe that your data can be required for legal issues, then we keep it safe and secure with us. In other cases, if you request to delete your account, we will delete it within 30 days. However, we will keep your information for a short period to prevent any complaints or challenges from your side.

Besides storing your information directly, we also use cookies, which have been discussed in the section earlier.

• Account Profiling

We monitor the accounts of our users, and profiling helps us to see if there is a scam or if an account has been hacked. If we feel that any such activity is taking place, we quickly ban the account from our website and email the user to inform them about the issues. This way, we allow the user to secure his account and ensure that all safety measures are taken from the customer's end. The account profiling service helps us run smoothly and prevents any data breaches due to hacking or viruses.

User Rights

If you want to access your personal information or change it, you can easily contact us. We do not charge you for viewing your personal information, but in case you require hard copies, we will charge you photocopying and shipping. If a large amount of material is required, we may also charge for the time it took to compile the information.

All our users have the following rights when it comes to their data:

• Right to view personal information

You can demand to see and view any of your personal information. We will give you access to your data after confirming that it is you who is asking for the information.

• Right to erase or change personal information

Our users can change their data and request us to erase it at any time. We will comply with the request only if we feel that it might not be required for legal issues at a later date.

• Right to refuse the processing of personal information

Each user can restrict the use of their personal information. To do this, you can refuse to accept cookies or contact us.

• Right to transfer your data to other companies

Our users can request us to transfer their data to other companies that they might be working with. We will process all such requests after making sure that it is coming from the user.

• Right to restrict and monitor the usage of personal information

Every user can restrict the way we use personal information and also monitor how we view their data.

• Right to stay informed about the information used for marketing and other purposes

If our users want, we can keep them informed about how their data is used for marketing and other purposes. To do so, our users can contact us.

• Right to obtain a copy of your data

If you wish to obtain a copy of your data, we will happily provide it to you. For this purpose, we require you to contact us and provide us with proof that shows us that it is you who is asking for personal information.

• The right to file a complaint in case of any issues.

If you believe we are violating your data in any way, you have the right to file a complaint against us with the local or relevant authorities.

We do not give any personal information until we have confirmed that it is our user or customer who is asking for it. If we believe that someone else is trying to access your information, we will quickly inform you.

Please feel free to email us or contact us if you have any queries regarding our procedures. We aim to ensure transparency with our viewers and avoid any data leaks. We aim to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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